Looking for a Preferred Roofing Contractor Near Milwaukee?

Looking for a Preferred Roofing Contractor Near Milwaukee?

Expert Roof Replacements from Expert Exteriors

When you perform proper maintenance to your roof regularly, it lasts longer. Part of the maintenance inevitably is roof repair. There are many reasons your roof may need repair, most of which is either storm damage or simple aging.

Storm Damage and Insurance Claims

If your home suffers storm damage from high winds, hail, or flying debris it's important to get your roof inspected in a timely manner. Not only does your insurance policy have a limited time that you can file a claim within but every day that passes can worsen the damage to your home.

Hail damage is more than just surface damage to your shingles. Often times the hail impacts and cracks or breaks the shingles. When this happens your underlayment is exposed to the elements. If the roofer who installed your roof used a cheap felt paper, water will quickly penetrate it and make its way into your home potentially causing water damage.

Powerful winds that accompany our storms can lift shingles and allow water underneath. If your shingles were incorrectly affixed to your home they could even blow out of place or completely off your roof. Wind also breaks branches from trees and causes damage to your entire roofing structure. No matter the extent of your damage, we can help with all your roof repair needs. The team of professionals at Expert Exteriors will provide you with the necessary paperwork for your insurance company to help ensure your claim process is as smooth as possible.

Roof Repair due to an Aging Roof

If your roof is in need of repair because of age, we can help with that too. Over the life of your roof you will likely find that you have loose, curled, bent, or broken shingles, light coming through your attic, or water stains and other evidence of a roof leak. When you have any one of these signs, it's best to call a roof repair company immediately. Delaying repair only makes the issue worse and leads to greater damage to your home.

If you need a roof repair, call Expert Exteriors at 414-519-1260 for a free no obligation inspection. We'll thoroughly explain the extent of the damage, how we're going to repair it, and give you a quote. We're local and have over a decade of experience serving the north west suburbs of Milwaukee.

Other Expert Services

In addition to being the company to call for all your roof repair needs, we offer many other exterior home improvement services. If you're looking for new siding, replacement windows, or gutters we can help. One call to Expert Exteriors can help you get all your exterior home improvement projects completed.

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