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Your Local Experts

Expert Exteriors, Your Siding, Window, and Roofing Company in Pewaukee

Did you know that between 1990 and 2000 what was once the village of Pewaukee went from just about 5,000 residents to nearly 12,000? When population rises so quickly so do neighborhoods and homes. If you have one of the homes built during that boom, you likely need a roof replacement. You may realize that the harsh winters have also taken a toll on your siding or that your windows are not functioning as they should or are too drafty. If you are looking for any exterior home improvement, contact Expert Exteriors, LLC for a no obligation inspection.


Typical mass construction homes built by national builders have three tab shingles. With our harsh winters, those shingles rarely last the 20-30 years advertised. If your home has the original shingles, it's time for a roof replacement. You'll find that new shingles last considerably longer, especially with proper maintenance. New architectural shingles look great too. Some brands, like IKO, offer stain resistant coatings to help keep the ugly staining or streaking off your roof.

If you've had a roof replacement but are in need of roof repair, we can help there too. We recommend annual roofing inspections during the first part of a roof's life and twice a year as a roof ages. Annual roofing inspections identify small issues before they become problems. Much like your car, if you maintain your roof regularly, it will last longer. When you call Expert Exteriors to be your roofing company in Pewaukee, you'll receive a complete roof inspection to identify any issues and a fair estimate for repairs.

Replacement Windows

As more homeowners become more energy conscious they realize how much energy is wasted with poor quality windows. Replacement windows can save you money on your heating and cooling but also offer better security and function. Many homeowners appreciate the lower maintenance and increased curb appeal found in vinyl windows over wood.


More than any other exterior element of your home, your siding is what people see. If yours is cracked, broken, or peeling away from your home, you should consider new siding. Any time there is an opening in your siding, pests and weather can get in and cause big problems. Some replacement siding has insulation that improves the R-value of your home lowering the strain on your HVAC system.

If you need exterior home improvements, let Expert Exteriors be your one call. Not only are we a roofing company in Pewaukee but we can provide you with siding and replacement windows. Call 414-519-1260 to schedule your no obligation appointment with one of our professionals.

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