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Expert Exteriors is Your IKO ShieldPRO plus+® Roofing Contractor

Becoming an IKO Shield Pro Plus Roofing contractor isn't a matter of paying for a special logo, we had to prove that our services were and are top quality. Some of the requirements are pretty basic, like being a licensed roofing contractor with proper insurance. Other qualifications include multiple team members passing the ShieldPRO plus+® program test with at least a 90% and be in good standing within your community both financially and reputation wise. You also have to be in business for at least three years. Expert Exteriors meets and exceeds the minimum requirements to carry the designation of an IKO ShieldPRO plus+ roofer.

Why We Choose to Sell and Install IKO Roofing Products

There are many brands of asphalt shingles available on the market. As a local roofer, we prefer the IKO products because of their advanced technology shingles and wide variety of styles and colors. They offer three tab, architectural, and designer style shingles for every home's budget and style. Many of their higher end shingles come with ArmourZone protection, which make IKO's shingles wind resistant up to 130mph and offer impact resistance. If your home is partially in the shade and has the unsightly streaking or staining on the current shingles, ask about IKO's lines with algae protection.

IKO Shingle Lines

The most popular lines are their Cambridge™ and Dynasty® architectural shingles that can give your roof that three-dimensional look most homeowners desire today. The Cambridge also has an impact resistant line that is rated Class 4 Impact Resistant and may qualify you for a discount on your homeowner's insurance.

If you're looking for a Premium Designer shingle, IKO offers three options. The AmourShake™ which mimics the look of hand cut wood shake shingles but unlike wood shake is Class A fire resistant. Their Crown Slate™ provides the look of a slate roof in an asphalt shingle without the investment or maintenance of real slate but many of the benefits. They also come with Class 4 Impact Resistance rating and have an extra coating of SBS modified asphalt to handle the cold Wisconsin winters better than most shingles. Lastly, the Royal Estate™ which is also a slate look roof at a more modest price than the Crown Slate™ line.

IKO provided this video to help you select the right roof for your home.

If you're ready for a roof replacement in the greater Milwaukee area, contact Expert Exteriors today. As one of the few IKO ShiledPRO plus+ roofers in the area, you will be assured that your roof installation is done to the highest of standards. You can count on us to be here year in and year out for roofing inspections and roof repairs when that time comes. Call 414-519-1260 to get started on your roof replacement with quality IKO shingles today.

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